Our Service Call Fees start at $89.95 depending on the type of Appliance and Brand of the unit.

How much will the repair cost?

  • Repair prices are based from the National Blue Book Appliance Job Rate Guide. It provides a standardized national industry flat rate price for each repair.
  • We do not charge by the hour or by the part, we price the job based on the total repair.
  • Costs include: parts, labor, warranty of part and labor, the trip to the location, and the multiple years of expertise and training of each certified technician.
  • Prices are also based on the diagnosis of the unit, materials that are needed, brand of the unit, model and type, age & difficulty of repair.
  • Our expert technician will give you an estimate of the repair after he inspects the unit and gives a diagnosis of what is causing the issue to occur.

National Pricing of Appliance Repairs

Actual prices may vary depending on Diagnosis of the Appliance, Parts needed, Brand, Model, Age & Location of Appliance.

Customers LOVE our Flat Rate Pricing model! With Accredited Appliance, there aren’t any surprises or extra charges if the repair takes longer than expected. This is what makes our price model work! If we need to come out for the same issue, we do not charge a service call or trip charge. It is included in the initial repair cost.












Our Mission

Our success is fueled by our belief in providing the best appliance repair service possible – where integrity is always a given, and every open door is a new opportunity to go above and beyond expectations.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you’re not happy, we aren’t happy. We always go above & beyond to make it right.