Monthly Special: $69.95 Dishwasher Performance & Maintenance


What's Included

Make Sure Your Dishwasher is Level:

If your dishwasher isn’t level, it could leak. To check, open the door and place an air-bubble level along the edge inside. If the dishwasher isn’t level, the technician will raise or lower either side by adjusting its “feet” or add a wedge to balance correctly.

Check and Clean Gaskets for Cracks, Debris, and Deterioration:

These are the rubber or plastic seals along the dishwasher door that provides a water-tight seal when you close the appliance. The technician will check for mold, cracks, and deterioration. If there is a gasket that needs to be replaced, the technician will notify you and give you the replacement repair estimate for you to approve.

Check and Clean Sprayer Arm for Clogs:

Over time Food particles, mineral deposits and other debris can clog the holes in the sprayer arm. It is essential to clean these small holes from time to time to enable the dishwasher to work more efficiently. The technician will remove the sprayer arm and clean out each spray hole with an awl or a pipe cleaner.

Check and Clean Screens, Filters, and Drain:

Your dishwasher should have a screen or filter located near the bottom of the dishwasher above the food drain to catch any large food or debris; they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogs. The technician will remove and clean the filter. If the filter has holes, it needs to be replaced in order to prevent harm to other parts of the dishwasher. Also, we will inspect and clear out any food or debris that might be trapped in the food drain.

Run a Special Cleaner:

The technician will run a special cleaner through the appliance which breaks down the layers of grease and lime-scale that build up in all the machine's hard-to-reach areas, ensuring maximum performance and reducing any odors present.
If the technician notices any replacement parts are needed, these additional repairs will be estimated for you to approve before the technician can repair the appliance.

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