How to Replace a Stove Burner Switch


The oven and stove together make an essential appliance for any modern home. Each burner has a size, power, and purpose that influences how we cook. When one burner goes out, it can throw off all of your recipes and limit your ability to multitask. No one likes to work with a partially functional stove, but it’s not always the burner that’s at fault. Sometimes the problem is the burner switch that is no longer sending a signal. Your burner switch responds to a turning knob, sometimes called an infinite switch, that tells the burner when to heat and how hot to become.

This article will walk you through the steps of replacing a broken burner switch.  

Prep Steps

Gather Your Supplies

The first step is to gather all the supplies you will need to perform the repair. The most important thing is the replacement burner switch. Be sure to match the part number based on the make and model of your range.

  • Screwdriver
  • Nut Driver
  • Work Gloves
  • Cardboard or Towel
  • Replacement Burner Switch

Disconnect the Power

Replacing the burner switch is an electrical repair, so you’ll need to stop the flow of electricity through the oven. To do this, cut the power. Disconnect the power plug from the wall to stop electricity in the oven circuits. You can also flip the breaker that supplies the oven If you cannot easily reach the outlet.

Pull the Oven Away from the Wall

Carefully pull the oven and range away from the wall. Use a piece of cardboard or a towel to avoid scraping the floor. You will need to create enough room to work behind the oven. 

Access the Panel Back

In order to change out the switch, you’ll need to get inside the top control panel. To do this, there is an access cover around the back of the range that can be removed. Step around the back of the oven and use your screwdriver or nut driver to remove the mounting screws of the upper metal panel, behind the control panel.

Set the mounting screws aside somewhere safe and then prop the back panel against the wall. If space is tight, lay it on the kitchen table on a towel. 

Swap Out the Switches

Identify the switch you plan to replace. Match it to the knob you’re familiar with on the front and find it in the now-open control panel housing. Remove the knob from the front to reveal the two front-facing mounting screws. Remove the mounting screws and set them aside. Next, grab your new unpackaged replacement switch and hold it next to the old switch. Directly transfer the wire harness from one switch to the next, ensuring that the connection is identical. Then pull out the old switch, which should be completely loose.

Place the new switch into the slot and secure it with the two mounting screws. Be sure to wire up the switch correctly, these switches have 240 volts running through them and can arc if not done securely, call us if you are not sure! Then return the knob. 

Reassemble the Stove

Now that your switch is replaced and reassembled, it’s time to but the rest of the stove back together. Start by aligning the back cover into place, then secure with the collected mounting screws.

From there, plug your oven back in and push it back into place. Do this in whatever order works best for you. Be careful not to scratch your floor and work with a friend if necessary. It can be easier to move a stove by pushing near the floor vs pushing near the top of the appliance. 

Test Your Success

Finally, test whether the burner switch replacement was a success. Turn on that burner and see if it heats up.

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