LG Refrigerator is not cooling

LG Refrigerator is not cooling

Is your LG refrigerator not cooling? Unfortunately, this is a very common issue with LG refrigerators.

We have seen so many units that are not cooling due to their faulty sealed system and failed compressor.

LG Refrigerator Warranty Process:

If Refrigerator Unit is 1-5 years old:

  • NO COOL: If the unit is not cooling, it is most likely a compressor/sealed system issue.
    If the unit is under 5 years old, LG will warranty the compressor and the labor. 
  • The customer would need to call LG customer service and go through their factory warranty service providers. 1-800-243-0000.  
  • We (Accredited Appliance) are unable to work on this unit if it’s a sealed system issue because both parts and labor would be paid for by LG.
  • The customer is required to provide purchase date information, name, address, model, and serial number to verify if the unit is under warranty and may be eligible parts and labor warranty under LG. If LG determines the unit is not under warranty and the customer has to pay out of pocket,  we will service the Refrigerator. 
  • Use this link as a resource for under 5-year-old no cool refrigerators https://www.lg.com/us/support/find-service-center  
  • Other ISSUE:
  • If the unit is 1- 5 years old, and the refrigerator is having any other issue besides a no cool then we can work on it without needing any info from LG. (Example: icemaker issue)

If LG Refrigerator Unit is 5-10 years old:

  • NO COOL:
  • If the unit is 5-10 years old, and is having a no cool issue, it is likely the compressor/ sealed system. 
  • LG will warranty the compressor/ part but they will not cover the labor cost.
      • Make sure customer is aware that they are responsible for labor and service call. 
      • Once OUR tech diagnoses the unit, then we walk the customer through the part warranty process. 
  • We (Accredited Appliance) can work on this unit. 
      • After we diagnose the problem as a sealed system issue, then For us to install the new compressor, the customer needs the LG toll free number 1-800-243-0000 and requests Accredited Appliance of Arizona (non-LG warranty servicer) to do the repairs on a one-time authorization for LG to send us the part. 
      • The customer has to request LG to email us the one-time authorization to parts@accreditedappliance.com
      • Once we receive their authorization form, the parts department will order the compressor/parts needed to be shipped to our office. Once the compressor/parts are received, we will call the customer to schedule the installation of the compressor.
  • The customer is responsible to pay us directly for the labor. In this case, the customer can expect to pay out of pocket for the repair between $750-900 depending on what LG supplies and depending on the situation.
  • Other ISSUE: If the unit is 5-10 years old, and the refrigerator is having any other issue besides a no cool then we can work on it without needing any info from LG. (Example: icemaker issue)

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