Q: How much is it to repair my appliance?
A: Your technician will fully inspect and diagnose your appliance, then provide you with an estimate for the recommended repairs needed.
The service call fee is waived when you elect to do the recommended repairs.
We use the Blue Book Appliance Job Rate Guide. It provides a standardized national industry flat rate price for each repair.
We do not charge by the hour or by the part, we price the job based on the total repair.
Prices are also based on the diagnosis of the unit, materials that are needed, Brand of the unit, model and type, age & difficulty of repair.

Q: Can you provide us with an estimate for the repair over the phone?
A: There are usually multiple different reasons why the same symptoms occur. Without being able to diagnose the appliance in person, all we can do is guess. We prefer to give you the most accurate and honest answer possible regarding the diagnosis for your appliance. In order to do that, we will send out an expert technician to your home to give a diagnosis of the appliance and an estimate of repair using our knowledge, experience and test equipment.

Q: How do I know if my appliance is worth repairing? Should I purchase a new one?
A: In most cases, it is going to be much more economical and eco-friendly to repair your appliance than it would be to replace it. Most issues with appliances can be fixed fairly inexpensively compared to what it would cost to replace the appliance. Once repaired you can often get many more years of life out of the appliance. Repairing your appliance also helps to minimize the number of harmful toxins that go into the landfills. As long as you are happy with the overall performance of your appliance while it is working properly, then repairing it is almost always going to be the right choice. At the time of inspection and diagnosis, our expert technician will give you honest feedback regarding replacement or repair.