Why Your Dryer Isn’t Drying Your Clothing Anymore


Your dryer has one job, to take the damp clothing that comes out of your washer and to make it dry so you can wear it. However, if you have opened up your dryer the last few loads and found that your clothing is still damp after a cycle that used to dry clothing completely, then it is failing in its primary function. In some cases, the problem could be a real simple fix or changing some habits. However, this dryer issue could be the indicator of a serious problem. If your clothing is coming out of the dryer wet, this is what you need to consider.

The Dryer is Too Full

If this issue manifests every now and then, but not necessarily with every load, then the problem typically lies with the content. If your dryer is too full of clothes, they cannot accurate agitate inside of it and get any dryer. The warm air can’t get everywhere it needs to and thus your clothing will remain damper overall. You will also need to consider problem pieces like a blanket that wraps up a smaller item, preventing any warm air from getting to it. Clumping can lead to this issue as well. However, fixing clumping can be as simple as removing an items and drying it separately.

The Vent is Clogged

One of the early warning signs of a clogged dryer vent that can lead to dryer fires in a home later is clothing is no longer being dried appropriately. The dryer vent is responsible for ferrying away the moist air in a dryer so new dry air can replace it.

However, if the vent is full of lint, that moisture is trapped while some air will still escape. The warmth will still somewhat dry your clothes, but it will take much longer than a standard cycle.

While clogs in the internal house vent may need professional intervention, the flexible vent attaching your dryer to your home is easy to check and cleanout. Be sure to do so often to keep fire hazards to a minimum in your home.

Heating Element Faults / Thermal Fuse is Tripped

If your dryer still spins, but your clothing isn’t warm at all, this can be an indicator of a heating element problems. What is happening in the dryer is still running the cycle, but the heating element isn’t producing any warmth. Essentially, it is running a tumble dry cycle which will take forever to dry normal clothing. One potential cause could be the thermal fuse has blown, which cuts power to the heating element if the dryer overheats. Unfortunately, it is a one-time use part, so it needs to be replaced before the heating element will work again.

When replacing the thermal fuse, you also want to be aware that these will trip because of overheating. This means there was some other problem before it shut off power to the heating element. You may want to ask the opinion of a professional repair technician to keep your appliance from becoming dangerous.

Broken Belt

If your clothing is actually warmed, but you notice that your dryer isn’t actually spinning, then your clothes will not get dry. The agitation by the drum spinning is what efficiently distributes heat so it can start evaporating moisture. If there is no spin, not even the top layer of clothing will get very dry.

The usual cause for a dryer not to spin is because the belt that spins the drum is broken or has slipped off its track. If you don’t hear the motor running, this could also be the cause.

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