6 Quick Dryer Repair Tips


Dryers are fantastic pieces of machinery but they don’t always dry with perfect fluffiness. Dryers need maintenance, like all appliances. They need to be kept clean, functional, and occasionally have faulty parts replaced. If your dryer is acting up, the good news is that not all dryer maintenance requires a service call.

There are a few quick troubleshooting steps to take that just might do the trick:

Clear the Lint Trap

Lint is your dryer’s single biggest challenge. The dryer does it’s best to filter lint out through the trap and the vent. But over time, lint can build up and cause your clothes not to dry right.

Start by clearing the lint trap thoroughly to remove all the built-up lint. Then clear the duct if there is any excess lint in the space where the trap filter is usually housed.

Check the Dryer Vent

Next, check your dryer vent duct. The vent duct is usually a cylinder of flexible duct tubing behind the dryer leading to the exhaust vent, but some dryers have a rigid duct instead. Check this duct to make sure it’s passage and the vents at both ends are clear of lint as well.

Check the Outlet & Plug

If your dryer control panel isn’t responding, don’t immediately assume the dryer is at fault. Dryers often shake and rock (especially if the feet aren’t level) and this can sometimes loosen their plug from the wall. Reach back and make sure your dryer’s plug is firmly secured into the outlet. If it feels loose, use an outlet pad or tape to hold it in place. Then test your panel to see if power was the problem.

Investigate the Door Latch

Modern dryers don’t run if the door is open. And to do this, the dryer needs to know whether the door is open or shut. This is done with a door sensor inside the dryer housing, connected to the door latch. If the latch is blocked so the dryer can’t close all the way or the connecting points are covered, then your dryer may think the door is open and therefore not start.

Look into the door latch and make sure everything seems in order. Clear any lint, tape, or other obstructions that might prevent the door latch from working correctly.

Wipe Down the Control Panel

Do you store detergent on a shelf above the dryer? Has detergent mysteriously built up on the dryer control panel even though you are a tidy laundry-doer? This happens to a lot of people and even a few occasional drips can cause your control panel to become sticky and less than fully functional.

Unplug your dryer (this step is important) and take a wet sponge to the control panel. Remove the knobs and was them, then wipe down the panel and posts underneath until your sponge stops picking up soap scunge.

Flip the Circuit Breaker

If all else fails and your dryer is unresponsive, try flipping the circuit breaker. There’s a chance your dryer’s circuit flipped at some point in the last few days and a breaker flip off and back on again can help. If your dryer is connected to a GFCI, reset the outlet as well.

—When a dryer stops heating, drying effectively, or responding to commands, action must be taken. After all where else will you get your hot fluffy towels and conveniently clean clothing? But you don’t have to call for repairs right away. Try these quick repair tips to discover if your dryer problem is an at-home repair or a serious call-a-repairman kind of repair. And if you do need a professional to open up the sucker and make it tumble again, contact us today!

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