5 Ways to Silence a Noisy Dryer

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Is your dryer making a racket every time you dry clothes? It’s tough to totally silence your jean buttons and hoodie zippers, but you can stop your dryer from rattling, shaking, and banging when you run it. As appliance repair technicians, we know how to fix appliances, not jean buttons. We also know that even if your dryer is functioning just fine, drying clothes as it should, that the noise can serve as it’s own maintenance problem.

Today, we’re here to help you with that noisy dryer. Let’s silence that rattle and stop that racket. There will always be a few clicks and clacks from jean buttons and the soft roar of the spinning drum, but you don’t have to put up with earthquake sounds every time you dry your clothes. 

1. Pull Away from the Wall

The first thing you can do is to pull your dryer away from the wall and away from other tables, counters, and it’s paired washer. Dryers do vibrate some when the drum spins and resting the edge of the dryer against any hard surface can cause a rattling sound because of this natural vibration. So give your dryer a little breathing space. Make sure it doesn’t touch the wall, the washer, or any other nearby surfaces that aren’t the floor.

2. Level the Feet

If your dryer is making a regular thudding sound, this can be the result of wobbly feet. When a dryer’s feet are not even, the dryer can shake back and forth, wobbling on the two longest feet while bumping on the uneven feet. This can happen any time the dryer is not level. Twist the leveling feet until they extend or retract to make the dryer level. Test with a bubble level.

3. Attach Vibration Pad

If it sounds like your dryer is vibrating against close objects or even the pieces against each other, you can help with something called vibration pads. These are foam and/or fabric pads that can stick to the side of your dryer and absorb some of the vibrations. A smart application of vibration pads can significantly reduce the amount of shaking your dryer is capable of transferring into sound.

4. Don’t Use the Dryer as a Table

Things on top of the dryer can also contribute to the noise level. Loose pocket change, for example, is just about the noisiest thing you can put on a dryer, followed by a handful of metal hand tools. Consider what you put on top of your dryer, if anything, and how that might be making noise. Even plastic bottles of detergent can make a rattle or thump when the dryer shakes.

5. Tighten the Duct Ring Bracket

If you’ve cleared everything and given the dryer space and you still hear a metallic rattle, check behind the dryer. Look for loose connections and, specifically, the ring bracket that secures the flexible duct to the dryer. If this metal piece is loose, then it could be the source of your mysterious rattling dryer sound.

—Is your dryer noisy? We can help! Contact us today for more helpful home appliance tips, guides, and services near you.

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