How to Fix Dishwasher Racks that are Falling Out


Everyone knows that the way you load a dishwasher impacts how clean your dishes are at the end. Tip the bowls facing down, point the silverware facing up, and don’t cram things too close together to see the best clean. It’s all about the way you make use of your dishwasher rack sections and ridges. Of course, you can’t use your dishwasher racks at all if they keep falling out.

Some dishwashers have less stable racks than others, and certain types of damage can also cause your dishwasher racks to fall out. If your dishwasher racks are constantly tipping off the tracks or falling off the end of the tracks, we’re here to help. Here’s how to get those dishwasher racks back on track for good. 

Flip the End-Caps

Is your dishwasher rack always falling off the end of the track on one or both sides when you pull it out? The track extends far enough, but for some reason it stops extending and the wheels take a long roll of a short pier. This can be catastrophic if there are still dishes in the rack when it falls.

Fortunately, the solution is incredibly simple. Dishwasher tracks have a small plastic cap that flips on and off the ends. The cap is supposed to lock the wheels in at all times, and only be opened when you intend to remove the racks for maintenance. But sometimes those caps get flipped back by accident. Just check out the ends of your dishwasher rack tracks and see if the cap is open. If so, flip it closed and your problem is solved. 

Clean the Tracks and Wheels

Are your dishwasher racks jumping the tracks without falling off the ends? There’s a possibility that your problem is grime-related. Small bits of food that might build up inside the dishwasher tracks can create ‘ramps’ that the wheels can use to jump out of the track, depending on the design. Remove your tricky dishwasher rack and then use a washrag or sponge to wipe down both the wheels of the rack and the inside of the track. Then try again to see if your rack will stay in place now that the wheels and track are both clean. 

Straighten the Tracks or Racks

If your dishwasher has been treated roughly, or perhaps washed some very heavy dishes, then your rack and/or track might be bent as a result. When rack or track are bent, the wheels won’t line up correctly which would explain why your dishwasher rack keeps falling down. If possible, you may be able to bend the rack or tracks back into shape and then reinstall them to fit together again. Check also for a small piece of the dishwasher rack that is bent, like the end of a rack line that has bent outward to be in the way. The entire rack might not be bent, just one part that is now blocking the wheel-track connection. 

Replace the Tracks

If all else fails, you can actually replace the tracks and even the racks of your dishwasher without having to replace the whole installed appliance. These are simple pieces that don’t handle electricity or water, so they will be fairly easy to replace and install at home.

—Is your dishwasher misbehaving? Whether you’re seeing a kitchen full of soap suds or just fighting with a finicky dishwasher rack, our team of appliance repair technicians would be honored to provide assistance. Contact us today to consult on the troubles you’re having with your dishwasher and schedule a service for repair should you have the need. 

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