3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Starting Up

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You know how it goes. It is balmy in your home, uncomfortably so, but when you go to turn on your air conditioner, nothing happens. There are no soothing breezes coming up from your duct work, and there isn’t even the rumble of it trying. While non-function is one of the more frustrating symptoms of an air conditioner, you can troubleshoot it by checking these causes.

Thermostat Issues

In some cases, air conditioner issues aren’t really issues with the air conditioner at all. They are instead caused by the thermostat. Obviously, if your thermostat screen is blank, then that is the cause of non-function. However, most often an air conditioner will stop working after it has been turned on simply because the batteries in your thermostat have died. If the screen is blank, try swapping out the batteries as well as checking the wire connections.

One extra tidbit is to make sure that the thermostat is actually set to “cool,” if it is on “heat” or the “auto” setting, your home will not cool. At best, the “auto” setting will just circulate the air with the fan.

The Disconnect Switches Are Flipped

This is an innocent and easy to fix cause of a non-functioning air conditioner. The appliance comes with both indoor and outdoor disconnect switches. These switches are most often used by repair technicians that need to disconnect the power quickly in order to make a repair or do maintenance. Unfortunately, that function can work a little too well if the switch is flipped without anyone realizing it. While they are generally placed in out of the way locations, they can become accidentally bumped of flipped off by curious little hands.

Before you start thinking you need to call a repair technician or even troubleshoot around the unit yourself, be sure to locate and check both of these switches. The indoor switch will be located close to your furnace or other indoor air conditioner unit while the outdoor disconnect switch will be located on or near the outdoor unit.

Tripped the Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner is not working or you see it shut off suddenly and unexpectedly, you will want to check the breaker. A healthy air conditioner draws a pretty large amount of power when it starts up. However, if your air conditioner draws too much power, an amount that is considered dangerous to the air conditioner and the home, the circuit breaker will trip.

While you can try flipping the breaker back and trying it again, you will want to be very vigilant with your air conditioner. If it happens once, it might have just been a fluke or a power surge. However, if your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, this means there is something wrong. Something is drawing a dangerous amount of electricity, and thus it is tripping.

While all of these issues are rather easy for the average homeowner to check and fix, an air conditioner is not typically counted among appliances that you can repair yourself. The issue is that as a refrigerant-using appliance and is a sealed system. This requires a professional opinion at this point.

As such, if your air conditioner was not fixed by trying any of the above, it is usually just better to call a professional. We can help deduce the issue quickly and get it repaired safely. Reach out!

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